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Day Date Opening Zman Tvilah Closing
Friday Night Nov – 17 – 2017 5:05 5:19
Motzei Shabbos Nov – 18 – 2017 6:10 5:18 9:00
Sunday Nov – 19 – 2017 4:30 5:18 8:30
Monday Nov – 20 – 2017 4:30 5:17 8:30
Tuesday Nov – 21 – 2017 4:30 5:16 8:30
Wednesday Nov – 22 – 2017 4:30 5:15 8:30
Thursday Nov – 23 – 2017 4:30 5:15 8:30

Central to our Faith


Many Jews see the shul as the central institution in Jewish life, but Halacha states
that constructing a mikvah takes precedence even over building a shul. Both a
shul and a Sefer Torah may be sold to raise funds for building mikvah. In fact,
in the eyes of Chazal, Jewish families living together only attain the status of
“community” once they have a communal mikvah.

But Chazal didn’t stop with necessity. They wanted the Mikvah to be cherished by
the women who use it and by the community that supports it. They wanted the
Mikvah to be welcoming, peaceful and beautiful.

This is so for a simple reason: we can learn Torah at home, make a minyan on
the train and give tzedaka at work. But to build a future generation bikedusha
we need a mikvah.

Finely-Appointed Preparation Rooms

Kallah Suite

Easy-Access Mikvah Pools

Ample Private Parking Onsite

Handicap Accessible Suite

Key to our Future


As the Five Towns community continues its remarkable growth, the need for
another mikvah facility becomes increasingly urgent.

The Grove Street Mikvah will serve the Five Towns and its neighboring
communities with an elegant, state-of-the-art environment for the observance of
this beautiful and timeless mitzvah. The facility will boast four mikvah pools,
18 preparation rooms, a kallah suite and a handicap accessible facility.

With the incredible growth of our community comes an awesome responsibility to
accommodate not only its physical requirements but its spiritual needs as well.

Your generous donation to the Five Town’s Grove Street Mikvah Campaign will
help us meet that sacred obligation, now and for generations to come.


Dedication Opportunities

  • Mikvah BuildingDedicated
  • Mikvah NameDedicated
  • Corner Stone (2)$360,000
  • Reception Area LobbyDedicated
  • Mikvah Pool / Immersion Room (4)Dedicated
  • Entrance VestibuleDedicated
  • Grove Street EntrancewayDedicated
  • East & West Wing Corridor (2)Dedicated
  • North & South Wing Corridor (2)Dedicated
  • East & West Wing Pathway to Purity (2)Dedicated
  • North & South Wing Pathway to Purity (2) - 1 Reserved$100,000
  • Pure Water Wells for Main Mikvah (4) - 3 Reserved$100,000
  • Hot Water Boilers$90,000
  • Kallah Preparation RoomDedicated
  • Handicapped Preparation RoomDedicated
  • Main Exit Door (2)$76,000
  • Preparation Room (16) - 16 ReservedDedicated
  • Entrance Decor$54,000
  • Lobby Decor$54,000
  • Backup Electric Generator$48,000
  • Administrative OfficeDedicated
  • Kitchenette/Staff Lounge$48,000
  • Ritual Washing Station (2)Dedicated
  • Mezuzah on Entrance Door of Main Mikvah (3)Dedicated
  • Mezuzah on Friday Night Grove St EntranceDedicated
  • Advanced Scheduling Integration SystemDedicated
  • Laundry Room$36,000
  • Perimiter Privacy Fencing$36,000
  • Advanced Water Filtration SystemDedicated
  • Storage/Utility Rooms (2)$36,000
  • Specialized Handicap Hoist$36,000
  • Mikvah Attendant Station (2)Dedicated
  • Mezuzah on Exit Door of Main Mikvah (2)Dedicated
  • Entrance Garden Box (4)$25,000
  • Window (10)$25,000
  • Brocha Tefilah in Mikvah Room (4)Dedicated
  • LibraryDedicated

    Chodesh Honors

    Upkeep is made possible thanks to our monthly sponsors

  • Gold$3,600
  • Silver$1,800
  • Bronze$360

Monthly Sponsors

Donation Amount

Mailing Address:
Grove Street Mikvah Inc.
PO Box 485
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Mikvah Address:
134 Grove Ave.
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Observing Taharas Hamishpacha is a time-tested
segula for children, health and prosperity.

By partnering to create this space for Five Towns Jewish
women, you join an elite group of visionaries with the will and
determination to build for ourselves and for our future.

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